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Paula Savchenko


Paula Savchenko

Paula Savchenko, Esq., is the Founding Partner of Cannacore Group and PS Law Group. She is an attorney and consultant working primarily in the cannabis industry on a multi-state level. More specifically, most of her work involves competitive licensing and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry. Her success in attaining competitive licenses for her clients comes from having a good understanding of what regulators are looking for, as well as a strong network of contacts in the cannabis industry. She has worked on competitive applications for marijuana businesses in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Texas and West Virginia. Her overall success rate is approximately 85% in attaining marijuana business licenses.

She also speaks and writes regularly on the legal aspects of the cannabis industry. In addition to serving on the board of the Florida Bar – Administrative Law Section, she also serves on the board of Mr. Psychedelic Law and Cannabis Law Accounting and Business.

Paula is a Nova Southeastern University alumni, as she graduated with a bachelor in business administration from Nova Southeastern University in 2013, and graduated law school in 2017. She played soccer during undergrad and was a Dean’s List Scholarship recipient in law school.

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