Psychedelic Licensing & Permits in Oregon

In 2017, Oregon deviated from federal law as first-time possession of small amounts of psychedelics was downgraded from a Class B felony to a Class A misdemeanor. By 2020, the “Beaver State” became to first state to legalize psilocybin for therapeutic purposes through Measure 109, which was approved by a 55.75% majority vote. Due to the passage of the Psilocybin Program Initiative, licensed service providers are allowed to provide psilocybin products to patients 21 or older. Oregon law enlists the Oregon Health Authority (“OHA”) to create and instill procedural rules and regulations of administering psilocybin. This Act allows the State of Oregon to develop a “long-term strategic plan” to ensure that psilocybin is not only affordable, but a safe therapeutic option for those suffering from mental disorders.

What are Psilocybin Services?

Under Oregon law, “psilocybin services” refers to the preparation, administration and integration sessions provided by a licensed facilitator. The psilocybin products consumed must be cultivated or produced by a licensed psilocybin manufacturer. Moreover, all psilocybin products may only be provided to a client at a licensed psilocybin service center during an administration session. Such products are not required to have a prescription or medical referral for clients 21 years or older.

All psilocybin products that are cultivated, produced and/or processed by a licensed manufacturer will be thoroughly tracked through a product tracking system, similar to those used in the cannabis industry. Once formulated, all products are tested by a licensed testing laboratory, who is accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (“ORELAP”). Such test results will be entered into the product tracking system. After confirmation that any and all psilocybin products have passed Department testing requirements, products are sold or transferred from a licensed manufacturer to a licensed service center, which the sale is then tracked through the product tracking system.

Upon products arriving at the licensed service centers, clients will first meet with a licensed facilitator for a “preparation” session. Then, the client will consume the psilocybin product at the service and begin their “administration” session with a licensed facilitator. All licensed facilitators must undergo: (i) a training program with curriculum approved by OPS; (ii) an exam administered by OPS; and (iii) all other license requirements. Clients will be able to participate in an optional session referred to as the “integration session,” which is a follow-up session with a licensed facilitator to learn about additional peer support and other resources.

Types of Psychedelic Licenses in Oregon:

Under the Oregon Health Authority’s framework, there are four (4) types of available licenses:

Manufacturer License

  • This license allows a business to manufacture, plant, cultivate, grow, harvest, produce, prepare, and propagate psilocybin mushrooms. It also allows licensee to package psilocybin products and label its container.

Service Center License

  • This license will allow establishments to administer psilocybin sessions such as psilocybin therapy. To summarize, the services may include: preparation session, administrative session, and integration session. Under this license, a patient will purchase, consume, and experience the psilocybin product under the supervision of a psilocybin service facilitator.

Facilitator License

  • This license will be issued to individuals who will conduct the services detailed above. To be a facilitator, the individual must have a high school diploma, or equivalent, as well as proof of Oregon residency of 2+ years and pass a criminal background check. In addition, they must complete: (1) Training Program approved by OPS; (2) An exam administered by OPS; and (3) all other licensing requirements.

Testing Laboratory License

  • To acquire this license, an applicant must be accredited by Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (“ORELAP”). ORELAP is NOW accepting applications for accreditation: click here for more details

Eligibility Requirements:

  • 21 years or older
  • 50% of the Manufacturing or Service Center License must be owned by residents of Oregon for 2+ years.
  • No disqualifying convictions
  • Ownership Limitations (cannot exceed below):
      • A person can hold up to 5 Service Center Operator Licenses
      • A person can hold both a Manufacturer License and a Service Center Operator License at same/ different premises.
  • Financial Limitations:
      • No financial interest in more than 1 Psilocybin Product Manufacturer
      • No financial interest in more than 5 Psilocybin Service Center Operators

Current Applications:

The Oregon Health Authority is currently accepting applications for all four (4) license types on a rolling basis, until otherwise determined. Some of the main required components to apply are:

  • Social Equity Plan
  • Map/Sketch of Proposed License Premises
  • Written Consent from the Landlord (Manufacturer license only)
  • Service Center Emergency Plan (Service Center license only)
  • Additional Agency forms and information

For each license, the fees are as follows:

  • Application fee for:
    • Manufacturer, Service Center, & Laboratory $500
    • Facilitator $150
  • Annual fee for:
    • Manufacturer $10,000
    • Service Center $10,000
    • Facilitator $2,000
    • Laboratory $10,000

The above fees are subject to reduction if the applicant meets one of the four (4) equity qualifications.

Per the Oregon Psilocybin Services’ spring newsletter, there have been eleven (11) applications submitted for Service Center licenses, 16 applications submitted for Manufacturer license, 27 applications submitted for Facilitator licenses, and 2 applications submitted for Laboratory licenses. Presently, only 2 licenses have been awarded thus far.

As the OHA utilized prior cannabis regulatory requirements and application formats as a framework for the psilocybin licensing process, it is key to work with a Team of experts, who have the knowledge and experience on overcoming complex regulations for controlled substances. With an approximate 85% success rate in obtaining licensure for cannabis entities, we are well equipped to work alongside enterprises and individuals who are ready to join Oregon’s psychedelic market. Depending on your team’s needs, we offer an array of services to best meet your current and future goals. From building a team, including local partners and organizations, to introducing you to our network of lobbyists and expert industry professionals, we will make sure you have a strong group to enter such competitive markets. To become one of the first psilocybin licensees in Oregon, contact our expert Team of Psychedelic license lawyers today to discuss your options!

Contact a Psychedelic License Consultant in Oregon

Due to the limited availability and high value of state-specific licenses, the process of obtaining a license is highly competitive. It is crucial to have an expert by your side from the beginning. Each state imposes restrictions on the number of licenses they will grant and establishes specific application periods. Acquiring a license for a psychedelic business is a complex task, as it entails meeting precise requirements and adhering to guidelines that vary across states. Consequently, many successful applicants opt to collaborate with consultants like us, who possess the necessary expertise to provide guidance. Take the proactive step of reaching out to an experienced psychedelic license consultant today!