Medical Marijuana Business Attorney

Zach Davis

Head of Business Development & Strategy

Zach Davis

Zach Davis, Esq. is a Florida licensed attorney that has worked in the Medical Marijuana industry for nine (9) years. Zach applied for a Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License (“MMTC”) with Perkins Nursery in 2015. In addition, after Amendment 2 passed in Florida, Zach and investor partners acquired rights in Keith St. Germain Nursery, which also applied for a Florida MMTC license. During this process, Mr. Davis met with members of the legislature, oversaw lawsuits, and was quoted in South Florida Sun Sentinel.  Keith St. Germain Nursery received a MMTC license and it was sold in August 2021 to Green Thumb Industries for $58 Million.

Then, Perkins Nursery was awarded its MMTC license and Zach operated the license for over two (2) years with an exit in April 2021 for $35 Million. Both sales were sales of the license alone with no other assets. Zach is also an  owner of B & K Installations which has provided grow equipment such as PODS, secured real estate and consulted with over ten (10) MMTC license holders in Florida. B & K Installations also provides nursery equipment to the largest nurseries in the world: Costa Farms and Natures Way. Through his business experience, Zach works with multiple operational teams that have deep industry knowledge.

Zach is a Nova Southeastern University alumni as he graduated from the Shepard Broad College of Law in 2014.

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