New Mexico Medical Marijuana License

Medical Marijuana in New Mexico

New Mexico first outlawed cannabis in the year 1923. In 1978, they passed progressive medical cannabis reform for chemotherapy patients; when they did, they became the first state to recognize the medicinal value of cannabis. One of the patients who fought for its medicinal use was Lynn Pierson. He is one of the namesakes of New Mexico’s 2007 medical cannabis law, The Lynn and Erin Compassion Use Act.

Unfortunately, being the first state in the United States to recognize the medicinal value of cannabis also means New Mexico has retained some draconian ideas about recreational use. For example, possession of small amounts of cannabis is punishable by fines and possible time behind bars. A few cannabis legalization bills have bounced back and forth between the State House and the Senate though.

There are currently two bills that the legislature is considering to legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico. The New Mexico House Health Committee advanced House Bill 12 by a vote of 7-4 to the House Tax Committee. House Bill 17, which didn’t include social justice provisions, was tabled.

HB 12 calls for rules to be developed by Jan. 1, 2022, and license applications to be accepted by July 1, 2022. Existing medical marijuana operators in the state could start adult-use sales on Oct. 1, 2021.

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Applications

Marijuana applications are currently not available in New Mexico. However, another application process will open up in the near future. You can provide your information here to receive notification updates related to New Mexico cannabis matters. You can schedule a time to discuss your options with us here.

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