Missouri Marijuana Business License

History of Marijuana in Missouri

Missouri entered the medical marijuana industry in November of 2018, when residents voted in favor of Amendment 2, which legalized the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients with certain medical conditions. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services was tasked with implementing and regulating the medical marijuana program. It wasn’t until October 2020 that the first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors to registered Missouri patients.

In November 2022, Amendment 2 became part of Article XIV, The Cannabis Freedom Act and was passed in the state of Missouri creating the adult-use marijuana market. Under the Act, individuals 21 and older are allowed to purchase up to three (3) ounces of cannabis in the state of Missouri.

Type of Licenses for Adult-Use Marijuana Businesses:

  • Dispensary Microbusiness
  • Wholesale Facility Microbusiness – Cultivating & Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Seed-to-Sale
  • Conversion licenses from Medical Licensees:
    • Comprehensive Marijuana Cultivation Facility
    • Comprehensive Marijuana-Infused Products Manufacturing Facility
    • Comprehensive Marijuana Dispensary


  • Transportation & Seed-to-Sale Application Period        OPEN NOW
  • Application for Microbusiness Opens                            June 6, 2023
  • Acceptance Period                                             July 27–Aug. 10, 2023
  • Issue Microbusiness Licenses                                         October 2023
  • Acceptance Period                                            April 15–April 29, 2024
  • Issue Additional 48 Microbusiness Licenses                 July 2024
  • Issue Additional 48 Microbusiness Licenses                 May 2025


Upcoming Applications for Missouri Marijuana Business Licenses

Currently, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is not accepting applications for microbusiness licenses as the second round closed on April 29, 2024. However, the Department is expected to hold the third and final application round for microbusiness licenses in early 2025!

Now is the time for those interested in entering Missouri’s adult-use market to work with a Team of experts! Microbusiness licenses will be limited to six (6) in each of the eight (8) Missouri congressional districts – four (4) Wholesale Facilities and two (2) Dispensaries. The Microbusiness license application fee will cost interested applicants $1,000, and with an annual fee of $1,500.

To be eligible to apply for a Microbusiness license, applicants must be majority owned by individual(s) who meet one (1) of the following five (5) eligibility requirements:

  • Less than $250k net worth and have an income below 250% of the federal poverty line for at least three (3) years of the ten (10) calendar years before applying.
  • Valid service-connected disability card issued by the VA
  • Individual or individual whose parent, guardian or spouse was arrested for a non-violent marijuana arrest one year prior to November 2022
  • Reside in a ZIP code or census track where: (i) 30%+ of the population lives below the federal poverty line; (ii) rate of unemployment is 50% higher than the state average or (iii) the historic rate of incarceration for marijuana-related offenses is fifty percent higher than the rate for the entire state; OR
  • Graduated from a school district that was unaccredited or has lived in a ZIP code containing an unaccredited school district for the past three (3) of five (50) years.

If you are interested in entering Missouri’s lucrative adult-use marijuana market, contact our Team of Cannabis business license consultants today to discuss your options!

Last updated: May 31st, 2024

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