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Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

Dubbed the “Cornhusker” state, Nebraska is one (1) of the remaining twelve (12) states that does not have access to medical marijuana for their citizens. Although Nebraska decriminalized possession of marijuana in 1979, possession is still illegal in Nebraska and can result in an infraction, misdemeanor, or imprisonment with a maximum sentence of seven (7) days.

Although there has been years of inaction in the Nebraska state legislature, the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana, along with numerous allies, have attempted to place medical marijuana reform through ballot initiatives. Their second attempt came in 2022 after their first attempt was struck down by the Supreme Court of Nebraska in 2020. Unfortunately, election officials reported on August 22, 2022, that the advocacy group failed to collect the required number of signatures from registered voters as they only collected fewer than 77,000 signatures (86,776 is required).

In the beginning of the 2023 legislative session, Senator Anna Wishart introduced Legislative Bill 588, which replicated the 2021 version of the medical marijuana legislation that advanced in committee, however, was stalled in the GOP-controlled unicameral legislature. Although this is one of the most conservative proposed medical marijuana bills, its only progress thus far is being placed in committee.

With a statewide poll reporting that an estimated 77% of Nebraskans are in support of legalizing medical marijuana access, the Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana are gearing up for their third attempt at getting medical marijuana on the ballot. You can view their website here to find a place to sign their petition, so they can acquire the necessary amount of signatures needed to be placed on the 2024 ballot.

Upcoming Applications for Medical Marijuana Business Licenses

In the near future, there will be an open application process for Medical Marijuana Business Licenses in Nebraska. Now is the time to get started with your comprehensive and strategic business plan. Contact one of our consultants to further discuss your options here!

Last Updated: July 18th, 2023

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