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Alabama 37th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Alabama has jumped on the bandwagon of states that have legalized marijuana, and is now the 37th state to approve medical marijuana. Alabama is going to open up an application process by the end of 2022. This is a great opportunity for cannabis operators and locals looking to expand their cannabis footprint. However, this will be an extremely competitive application process as the number of licenses given out is very limited:

  • Up to five vertically integrated licenses.
  • Up to four dispensary licenses.
  • Up to four processing licenses.
  • At least four cultivation licenses.

The vertically integrated licensees could operate up to five dispensaries in different counties. Dispensary license holders could have up to three locations.

In addition, the Alabama Compassionate Act (SB 46) bans smokable flower, vaping products, candies and baked goods. It also has low dosage limits. The daily THC dosage isn’t allowed to exceed 50 milligrams, except in the case of terminal illness or if a higher dosage is deemed medically appropriate by a doctor after 90 days of care. In the latter case, the daily dosage would be capped at 75 milligrams. However, several other states (such as Florida) have started with a similar framework and later expanded.

Are you interested in applying for a cannabis business license in Alabama? Now is the time to start to put the pieces of your competitive application together. Contact Canna Core for a consultation and to begin your business plan. We are looking forward to hearing from you!